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Quabynah Limited

Material Sourcing



Apart from the Facility Management and  Construction Services provided by Quabynah Limited, the sale of different products are available for purchase, all of which are related to the building / construction industry. Customers can be assured of high quality products since they are from reputable sources. The following are available for purchase.

1-Sanitary Appliance, e.g. baths, washbasins, water closets, sinks, bidets, etc

2-Electrical fittings, e.g. switches, sockets, etc

3-Concrete and masonry products-e.g. culverts, masonry blocks, pavement blocks, kerbs, etc.

4-Electronic gates

5-PVC T&G, door & windows

6-Electronic Home Security systems-e.g. intruder alarms, voice/video doorbells, CCTVs, etc.

7-Paints and Paint products

If the item required is not listed above, you can still let us know.

To make purchase of any product(s), send the name of the item and quantity required together with contact details via email to An estimate will be sent to you then arrangements will be made for payment and delivery of items.

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