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Quabynah Limited

Property Management



Quabynah Limited is a dynamic and expanding Property Brokers committed to giving the highest quality of service by being constantly enthusiastic, effecient and dedicated
We pride ourselves on acheiving optimum levels of service. We have both corporate and individual landlords and tenants as client and strive to accommodate them to the best of our ability at all times ensuring that they benefit fully from our experience in Property Management.
With our team managing your property you can be rest assured that your property is in the best possible hands.
Requesting our full management services will ensure that your property investment is looked after by professionals. We endeavour to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently without need for your intervention where ever possible.
Our Management Services includes the following:
1. To actively market the property until suitable Tenants have been secured
2. To carry out thorough referencing and vetting of any prospective tenant
3. Prepare a detailed Inventory
4. Prepare the appropraite Tenancy Agreement
5. Arrange transfer of utilities and metre readings to the Tenants
6. Collect rents by Standing Order and account to the Landlord monthly.
7. Collect Security Deposit monies and hold in account for the duration of the tenancy
8. To notify the Landlord of any rent outstanding for a period 7 days. No rent will be payable to the Landlord until cleared fundshave been received from the tenant.
9. Carry out regular internal inspection and reports throughtout the tenancy.
10 Arrange and supervice any necessary maintenance to the Property by qualified contractors.
11. To notify the Landlord of any apparent breach of any lease of Property or any unlawful acts or omissions or circumstances relating to the use or occupation of the Property.
12. To advice Tenants of theie obligations under the terms of any lease of the property .   

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