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Quabynah Limited




When one looks at a building, apart from the roof, the most visible thing to see is the wall. The floor is also observed when one enters the building. The finishing on these elements really says much of the building taking into consideration the type of finishes and finishing used. The United Nations HQ in New York is noted for its glass and marble finish. This has made the building a unique one.


Quabynah Limited undertakes various types of finishing for floors and walls. These works are done with quality and durable materials of recognised brands. They do not only give good aesthetics, but customer satisfaction. Selection of materials for our works is done in consultation with clients for better satisfaction.



The type of works undertaken ranges from wall and floor tiling to painting. Terrazzo is also done, both polished and washing types.

We do the construction of ceilings for buildings. Various types are constructed from P.V.C. to timber. We also use Plaster of Paris [POP] in the construction of the ceilings.

We also undertake painting works to all surfaces of various types.


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