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A few cities can boast of public method of sewage disposal from their homes, that is where sewage from buildings are gotten rid off through a public sewer.


New buildings been constructed today do not enjoy this method of sewage disposal. Due to this, sewage disposal systems have to be constructed around homes and other buildings. Just like every construction certain factors should be taken in order for the system to last a life time and serve its purpose accordingly.


We embark on the design and construction a Reliable and Durable Septic Tanks to meet the client needs. Our septic tanks are constructed so that there will be no structural failure or undue distortion under pressure when either full or empty and be protected from, or designed to withstand, loadings imposed by soil and or ground waters and the internal loadings


They are also constructed of materials as approved and are of sufficient strength to withstand all imposed loadings and so as to be child proof and effectively sealed to prevent the ingress and/or egress of water or gas and be removable for maintenance purposes.

The septic tanks are watertight and retain structural integrity. Our septic tanks also come with a Soak Away to help the waste water to be disposed off safely.



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