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Quabynah Limited

Facility Management



In addition to the provision of Construction Services, Facility Management Services are also offered. As competition intensifies, and as change accelerates, many leading organizations are re-evaluating the contribution that facilities make to business success, recognizing the business consequences of poorly managed facilities and searching for value that can be added through effective planning and management. We also undertake Horticultural, Playground and External works

Services offered under the Facility Management include:

* making sure that the inside of the building is arranged to make the best use of space

* managing refurbishment, renovations and office moves

* managing general upkeep and maintenance

* advising on energy efficiency

* negotiating the best deals with outside contractors and suppliers

* making sure that the building meets health and safety standards and legal requirements

We make sure that buildings and their services meet the needs of their occupants and users

as efficiently, safely and cost effectively as possible. Also ensures that everyone in the building has everything that they need to effectively do their job.

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